Migrating to Australia?

This  site provides invaluable advice  for anyone who has:

-Applied for Migration already

-Been approved for migration, and will be migrating to Australia within the next 12 months to 7 years

-Returning Australian citizens, intending to return home within 12 months to 7 years.

-Just about to apply, or may apply in the next 6 months.


IF YOU  are just seeking information on the Migration laws to Australia  there are many other sites providing this information.

This site provides tips for those who have already applied, and/or been approved for Australian migration, or are just about to apply.


If you are on your way to Australia soon, congratulations! It should be a very nervous but exciting time for you and your family.

If you are an Australian citizen, who has been working abroad and is returning "home " soon you are no doubt looking formard to it!

You have done the hard work, and for most people they think they will leave everything else until they arrive. 

HOWEVER, there are a couple of simple things that you can start to implement NOW, that could greatly enhance your lifestyle after you arrive.

Recent studies have shown that:

1. Less than 1 in 100 new migrants understand Australia's sliding scale of tax.

2. Most new migrants, and returning Australian's are fearful of the high tax rates.

3. Fully 80% of all Australian expatriates have put off the decision to return quickly to Australia to live because of their dislike and of paying higher tax.

4. Over 95% of new migrants arriving have no established credit record in Australia. Effectively, they have to "start from scratch"'

5. Most new migrants have no banking records, or bank accounts, or credit card established in Australia before they arrive. 

 Tip One:

Our first tip is to encourage you to have a personal email account that you can use in Australia  so that you do not lose touch with all your old friends and associates.

An account such as Hotmail, G-Mail, or Yahoo is perfect.

Ideally, establish this as far in advance of your departure as possible. A simple tip? YES, but a VERY useful one!

 Tip Two:

Decide and organise your children's schooling BEFORE you arrive. Take a trip to look at schools, and meet the teachers.

Talk to Australian or friends whose advice you trust.

Having your children settled and organised ahead of time will relieve an enormous amount of stress for you.

 Tip Three:

Watch Australian videos and movies, as well as look at websites and information books on Australia before you go to get everyone excited.

The problem with searching the web for info, is you will bring up a huge amount of websites, and waste a huge amount of time, when many are practically useless.

We suggest:

"Understanding Australia: A guide for International Students
 " written by Sally White, ISBN 0521541999, 112 pages paperback published by Cambridge University Press, November 2003.  It actually has  only one chapter specifically for international students but the rest of the content is fantastic reading for new migrants (good simple English too). (Still good, even though it is an 2003 edition)
BCL Australian Citylife websites are available  on each city: Some good info! 

 Tip Four:

Buy a new investment property (NOT your proposed  new home) before  you arrive, and ideally as soon as you apply for migration. 

Borrow from an Australian bank for this purchase, to help with your credit before arrival.

Not one in 1,000 new migrants do this, and yet this is the biggest single tip to ease your way into Australia life, reduce your salary tax-possible to even lower levels than you paying where you came from- increase  your weekly "take home pay" and increase your cash flow and quality of life. 

Very few migrants are aware that up to 60% of the purchase price of  a new build apartment is available to them as legal tax deductions after they arrive for years to come.


Tip Five:

You will most likely buy a car after you arrive, so  you can save money by providing proof to the Australian insurance company that you have been accident-free for a period of time before your arrival.

You can do this either by bringing with you an original copy of your latest insurance renewal form, or a letter from your employer (if you have been driving a company car) stating how long you have an accident free for.

In Australia, you will normally start on a Rating 6 if you cannot provide any proof at all. If you have an accident free for five years, you will be on Rating 1 and enjoy a much lower premium.

Tip Six:

Accountants say many people make the mistake of taking their financial capital to Australia when they migrate, when the best option is to gradually move funds in over the period prior to your arrival. Seek professional advice if this applies to you.