When to Enter the Australian property market --- Should I wait?


During the GFC upply of new property in Australia has dropped to low levels, but the population and migration  increased to record highs.

These facts must have a long term effect on the Australian property market.  The question is what?

 Lower interest rates would encourage Australians to enter the property market as long as they are comfortable with their job security.  On the other hand, foreign buyers will be encouraged to put money into Australian property on the back of rising rents, cooling real estate measure in many world markets, and foreign currency loans to purchase in Australia at very low interest rates.

There will be good buying opportunities for astute cash rich investors.

Although, as any property specialist knows, it is foolhardy to talk about the property market as if it is one homogeneous whole.

There are different markets and cycles in each city of Australia. One city may be down, whilst one is up.

There is a shortage of new developments coming to the market.  There remains a strong pent-up demand.  It is the best time for seven years and to enter the market.

Today, the key to success in the Australian property market can best be defined by sustaining your ownership.  The key is to buy a trouble free property that can sustain itself with full occupancy and rising rents over a long period of time.

By taking the long term position, it can mean almost guaranteed property price rises -- security goes hand in hand the patient and long sight pursuit of accumulating wealth.  It is an endeavour that cannot be hurried without risk.

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