Here is why you should seriously NOW consider buying your family home BEFORE you migrate.

The world financial crisis has made this advice more important than ever before.

It is a FACT that ALL banks have tightened up on credit.

Therefore, in the "good old days" before the financial crisis, if you secured a job shortly after arrival in Australia,

there was a fair to reasonable chance you could still get a mortgage as long as you had a good deposit.

Those days are gone. PROBABLY FOREVER.

The chance now of getting a mortgage after arrival, with or without a job, has been greatly reduced.

Especially if you have no established credit rating in Australia.

Imagine having worked hard for 20 years  (or more!) and whilst you have a good deposit you still need to or want to borrow at least 50% of the price of a good home, but you find you have to rent with your family for years first, all because you failed to heed this simple  (but effective) advice.

Not a good start to your new life.

It has become critical to apply for your mortgage to buy a property whilst you are still overseas and still

employed, before you arrive in Australia, where you may have no job, and no credit or track record the chance of a loan then is greatly reduced. 



NOT investing in property back home BEFORE you return can potentially cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.